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#Mollopy Stories for kids - Santa Claus is in the woods, the sled breaks down, as he tries to deliver gifts to the children, and asks the animals, his friends, to help

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In this Christmas story, Santa Claus is going to the village to deliver gifts to the children, but on the road the sleigh breaks, and Santa needs help, so he asks for help from his animal, one by one.
The animals come to help him, and fix the sleigh for him, to continue his work and deliver gifts to the children
Christmas story in English
Text of the story :
On a cold winter day, on Christmas days, it was snowing from morning until evening
That night Santa Claus was coming to give gifts to the children in that village
and reindeer was pulling a sleigh through the night sky to help Santa Claus deliver gifts to children
But when he arrived, the sleigh hit the ground and broke, and he was unable to complete the road delivering gifts
Santa Claus got off the sleigh and started walking, thinking of a way to fix the sleigh so he could deliver gifts to the children.
Until he had an idea.
I'm going to ask for help of the animals, my friends, to fix the sleigh for me, they live here in the woods.
I'll ask for help from my friend, the dog whose name is Max.
He has two large ears and can hear from far away.
He also has a big nose and uses it to smell all kinds of smells, even if they are far away.
And he's very fast, when he's running, and never gets tired of it
will definitely come to help.

Also, I will ask the chicks, my friends, to come to help me, as they live near here.
First, Oscar, the chick which color is black
second , Milo, the chick which color is yellow
Third, Teddy , the chick which color is orange
will definitely come to help

I will never forget to ask the cat for help, she is also my friend
Know that she loves to eat fresh meat when she finds it
Sometimes when she walks, she may hit a small rock and fall to the ground but that does not hurt her, And she go back to complete her way and forget what happened

And also I will seek help from parrots
Bella, a green parrot with a red bill
And Lucy, the parrot who has more than one color, has a black bill
definitely they will be able to get here quickly even if they are far away because they can fly in the sky

And I'll ask for help from my strong friend, the crocodile, he can hold the sleigh if he wants to
He also loves meat and feels very happy when he eats it
He can also live underwater, swim and play with fishes
The crocodile is an animal that can live in water and on land
will definitely come to help

I will ask for help from the bear, is also very strong like a crocodile but his color is brown and lives in the woods
And he told me that he loves to eat honey a lot
Since he's very strong and has a huge body, he'll definitely be able to help me fix the sleigh

After the animals know Santa needs help, they rush to help him
Santa was waiting for them, and they started arriving one by one
The first arrival was the dog, and then they arrived at the chicks, then the cat arrived, then the parrots arrived, and after that the crocodile arrived, and the last arrival was the bear
And they all went with Santa to fix the sleigh

And everyone began to fix it, each doing his hard work with happy and energetic

After hours of hard work, friends and Santa Claus were able to fix the sleigh and were very happy because Santa Claus could now continue his work on delivery the gifts

Finally, Santa Claus thanked his friends, the animals , and then he rode the sleigh and went to that village to deliver gifts to the children who lived there.
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