Video for kids playing with cats and learn colors with balloons and water

Video for kids , Friends of #Mollopy Rafi and Mayar, play with the cat in the garden, race with it, play with toy blocks, and run away from the cat while it tries to catch up with them

In this video for kids , children play in the park
They use #toys for #toy_blocks
The cat watches them playing with toy blocks and learns from them
And they play with small toy cars and race with them

They using small racing cars, not police car, that is, they don't use police cars or even Disney cars, just a great racing cars

we can say this video is funny #videos_for_kids and yes it is youtube for kids and would be one of nice #youtube_kids videos, #kidscartoons

Also in part 2, They learn the colors, red yellow green orange, by playing with balloons filled with water and Rafi blow up a balloon #balloons #balloon

Kids play with cat without the help of the father and the mother i.e. the parents
This is not a cartoon movie for children , but rather #Molopy 's friends doing it themselves
Mollopy kids

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Video for kids

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