Wash and repair big racing car with toys at the park (1 videos for kids kidscartoons) Mollopy

Friends of Mollopy Rafi and Mayar, after buying new toy cars and playing with them in the park, the racing car becomes dirty, so they work to clean the race car after it gets dirty.
Of course, they are playing with cars and playing with sand in the park

In this video for kids , children play in the park and car games
They use #toys for #car_wash
They fix the racing car, fix the tire for kid’s car, and fix the steering wheel
They are fixing things with tools
Replace broken racing car wheels after cleaning cars
This video shows racing cars, not police car, that is, they don't clean police cars or even clean Disney cars, just a great racing car.
we can say this video is funny #videos_for_kids and yes it is youtube for kids and would be one of nice #youtube_kids videos, #kidscartoons
And we will hear a beautiful #kidssongs about the car wash while watching the video
Kids Repair Сars without the help of the father and the mother i.e. the parents
This is not a cartoon movie for children to play and wash cars, but rather #Molopy 's friends doing it themselves
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